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Citrus Gel E840

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Citrus Gel is the perfect multi-purpose spotter that packs a powerful punch! This citrus-based blended spotting solvent is a cream-like gel that removes a wide variety of spots from most hard and soft surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, and tile. Asphalt, tar, gum, auto grease, body and hair oils, food oils, crayon, lipstick, cosmetics, ointments, margarine, and some fresh paint spots, Citrus Gel is the multi-purpose spotter that will attack them all without delaminating the carpet or leaving a powdery white residue. Citrus Gel is CA VOC compliant, Woolsafe Approved, and can be used on synthetic and most natural fibers. 

  Pro Tip: When applying carpet pre-spray notice those little gray & black spots on the carpet? Simply shake and squirt a small amount of Citrus Gel onto the spot, agitate, and continue to pre-spray – this gives the product a bit of dwell time. By the time you start extracting with your warm detergent solution, Citrus Gel has broken-down the spot and it is quickly and thoroughly extracted away! 

  • WoolSafe Approved
  • Commercial and Residential Use
  • Gum, Oil, Grease, Cosmetics… Gone! 

pH: 4. 0 - 5.0 ready to use 

Dilution: No Dilution Necessary