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Crystal Blue S800

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Specifically designed for use in the airline industry and conforms to Aerospace Materials Specifications AMS 1613A “Carpet Cleaner, Water Extraction Type”, Crystal Blue meets the specifications for use on stain-resistant nylon carpet and upholstery. A phosphate-free blend of powerful surfactants, builders, and corrosion inhibitors, this liquid alkaline extraction agent can be used in private and commercial applications. Concentrated and economical.

pH: 9.6 - 9.9 ready to use

 Coverage: 1 gallon makes up to 320 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon.

 Dilution Portables: 2 oz. per 5 Gallons of Water

 Dilution Truckmounts: 1 Quart per 5 Gallons of Water