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Foam Solvent Carpet Shampoo B103

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Foam Solvent Carpet Shampoo is ideal for the bonnet cleaning method and carpet dry foam cleaning machines. It is a highly concentrated shampoo product formulated for maximum cleaning effectiveness on synthetic and many natural fibers. For heavily soiled synthetic fiber carpets, try boosting with Prochem Kärcher Group’s Oxy Plus or Fiber Buff! 

  • Light and Fresh Scent
  • Safe for Use on Most Synthetic and Natural Fiber Carpet and Area Rugs
  • Economical - 1 Gallon Makes 129 Gallons 

pH: 6.5 - 7.5 ready to use 

Coverage: 1 gallon makes up to 129  gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon. 

Dilution: 1 - 4 oz. per Gallon of Water