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Olefin Pre-Clean E827

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Specifically formulated for olefin fiber carpets usually found in offices, clinics, health care facilities, institutions, and in many commercial buildings. Formulated with high-grade detergents, solvents, and amphoteric surfactants to loosen soils adhering to fibers with a static bond as well as sticky oils and greases that can cause unsightly yellowing and fiber discoloration. Can also be used on soot damaged synthetic carpets, upholstery, and light filtration soil issues. 

  • Commercial and Restoration Use
  • Safe for Use on Most Synthetic Fiber Carpet and Area Rugs
  • Economical - 1 Gallon Makes 33 Gallons

 pH: 10.0 - 10.4 ready to use

 Coverage: 1 gallon makes up to 33 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon.

 Dilution Pump Sprayer: 4 to 6 oz. per Gallon of Water

 Dilution Injection Sprayer: 1½ to 2½ Quarts per 5 Quart Container with 1:8 Metering Tip (yellow)