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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner D456

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This potent, low-foaming, high alkaline tile & grout cleaner is the first step for sparkling clean hard surface flooring such as man-made tile, grout, and some VCT, vinyl, cement, and natural stone surfaces. Industrial strength detergents and surfactants added for improved penetration and cleaning power. Simply dilute and spray onto soiled surfaces to loosen and break-down greasy, oily soils and dirt. Agitate with a grout brush and let dwell for 5-10 minutes for best results. Boost your solution with Prochem Kärcher Group Citrus Pro for even better cleaning results! 

  • Emulsifies Oils and Greases
  • Removes Tough Soils, Hair and Body Oils, and Sweat
  • Commercial and Residential Use 

pH: 11.4 - 11.9 ready to use 

Coverage: One gallon makes up to 8 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon. 

Dilution:  16 to 32 oz. per 1 Gallon of Water